A Salute to Solutions

Introducing Object Solutions: a semi-fictional product development company out to eliminate daily inconvenience. Q&A with founder Ernesto D. Morales.

Mondo Gallery gives Batman the birthday he deserves.

Batman turns 75 years old this year. Even though the Dark Knight continues his war on crime in the pages of DC comic books and in movies (somewhere Ben Affleck is avoiding carbs), Batman’s main gig continues to be salesman. Batman’s image sells video games, clothing, toys, and the occasional food item. Thankfully Austin’s Mondo […]

Show some love for your favorite superhero’s dead parent

You can buy a Spider-man shirt, a Spider-man hat, Spider-man toothbrush – I’m pretty sure you can buy Spider-man branded pepper spray. But where’s the merchandise for the man that started it all? Peter Parker wouldn’t be Spider-man without his beloved Uncle Ben, whose death really drove home the “with great power comes great responsibility” […]

He’ll Always Have Paris

Sounds like a movie script, but it’s true. A college freshman from a good family reveals a core of unspeakable evil. Duncan, OK newspaper publisher John Hruby, 50, his wife Tinker, 48, and their 17-year-old daughter Katherine were found murdered Monday in the kitchen of their home. Hours later, the Hrubys’ 19-year-old son Alan was […]