Short of the Week: CANARY SUICIDES

Written and Directed by Valerian Zamel & Natalia Provatas. Starring the art of Catherine Coan. Cinematography by Tony Oberstar.

Wild Moccasins’ ‘Eye Makeup’ Pays Homage to Drag and New Wave

Houston’s indie pop quartet, Wild Moccasins, recently premiered their video for “Eye Makeup,” from their album 88 92. Synth heavy and lyrically driven, the song is reflective of the New Wave era that can be easily traced back to the likes of Kate Bush and Debbie Harry. The video, which was filmed in Galveston’s popular show bar, Robert’s Lafitte, plays […]

Watch Arcade Fire’s Horror Short Film ‘Festi’

Making the most of downtime during their 2011 Suburbs tour, Arcade Fire created this 24-minute horror short film on the ghost of Jim Morrsion. The film was edited by Arts+Labor affiliate Jesse Hill, and title sequence was designed by frequent collaborator Richard Cornelisse. Arts+Labor did the visual effects for the film.  

Joe Nicolosi’s Mom Retells Inception

In honor of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar premiering this week, filmmaker, animator and frequent A+L collaborator released Inception Retold By Mom, a followup to his previous video The Matrix Retold By Mom.  The hilariously animated videos feature Joe’s mother retelling her account of a movie’s plot, which is often a slightly different version of the movie most people saw  – see for […]

Documentary Filmmakers Make International Headlines

For about 36 hours, Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas found themselves at the center of the media universe due to the most unlikely of circumstances.

Watch the video for Got a Girl’s “Did We Live Too Fast”

Got a Girl is the collaboration between actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Dan “the Automator” Nakamura. Is a Kat Dennings/DJ Shadow collaboration far behind? Who can say. But Winstead’s smokey 60’s pop vocals pair quite nicely with The Automator’s beats. Here is a new video for their track “Did We Live Too Fast” off their […]

Watch this fun animated short for Ready Steady Play

Have you ever wondered where all those video game bad guys come from? All those turtles you’ve stomped or faceless henchmen you’ve shot to hell – what are their stories? The nifty animated short “Queue The Cowboy” from Animade shows you the journey of the little grayscale gun slingers you’ll face in Hover Studio’s new […]

Watch the ATX TV Festival Sizzle Reel

Were you at this year’s ATX Television Fest? No? Well you can pretend like you were thanks to this recap video Arts+Labor shot, produced, and edited. Watching this video can’t compete with actually attending, but it’ll buy you enough time in a conversation for you to cause a distraction and sneak away. If you’re not […]