Comic book creator James Stokoe set loose on The Avengers

New work from James Stokoe is a mini-event. Not only because his super detailed art takes a while to produce, but because no matter what the project, whether it’s his work on his own creation Orc Stain or a Godzilla mini-series, his love of the medium practically explodes off the page. For his next project, […]

Penny Dreadful animates some classics

As a part of a promotion for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, Sky (the British network carrying the program) commissioned director Gergely Wootsch to create a series of animated shorts about classic stories. These Penny Dreadful Portraits give the historical context for each story and then also explain their connection to the show, which, I have not […]

Watch a new short from the Perry Bible Fellowship‘s Nicholas Gurewitch

Nicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship was one the funniest, if not the best comic on the web while it was going. A stray PBF might appear here from time to time, but the strip is in retirement. Gurewitch has since moved on tho short films, bringing his oddball sense of humor and masterful art direction […]

Watch this fun animated short for Ready Steady Play

Have you ever wondered where all those video game bad guys come from? All those turtles you’ve stomped or faceless henchmen you’ve shot to hell – what are their stories? The nifty animated short “Queue The Cowboy” from Animade shows you the journey of the little grayscale gun slingers you’ll face in Hover Studio’s new […]

Watch the delightful animated short JohnnyExpress

Can we still say “cartoon”? Or must we say “animation” the same way “graphic novel” has shoved aside “comic book”? ANYWAY, this animated short from Alfred ImageWorks; an animation and motion graphics company from Korea, is gorgeous, hilarious and maybe the best 5 minutes of your day. The official description: There are all sorts of […]

Master Stand-up Comedy with Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks is a stand-up comedian from St. Louis currently living and performing in Austin. If you’ve seen him at the Moontower Comedy Festival or at a show around town, you know that he’s a hilarious story teller with a great stage presence. You might have wondered, if there was a way that Aaron will […]

Beef & Sage made a Michael Bay-esque Transformers ad for Big Red

Our officemates Beef & Sage (Will Elliott and Kirk Johnson) have made some insane ads for Big Red. In their latest spot, they channel some Michael Bay camera moves for an ode to robots and red soda.

Buzzfeed covers Forever Fest

Buzzfeed has a write up of Forever Fest, the first ever festival devoted to girlie pop…