He’ll Always Have Paris

Photo from Alan Hruby's Facebook page.

Photo from Alan Hruby’s Facebook page.

Sounds like a movie script, but it’s true. A college freshman from a good family reveals a core of unspeakable evil. Duncan, OK newspaper publisher John Hruby, 50, his wife Tinker, 48, and their 17-year-old daughter Katherine were found murdered Monday in the kitchen of their home. Hours later, the Hrubys’ 19-year-old son Alan was arrested on a parole violation for attending Saturday’s Texas/OU game in Dallas. That was the charge, but he was picked up mainly so authorities could build a case of murder. Oklahoma University freshman Alan Hruby confessed to killing his family  on Tuesday.

Is this another case of “affluenza,” this generation’s “Twinkie defense,” or just plain “Evola”?

Last summer, between his junior and senior years of high school, Alan Hruby applied for a credit card using his grandmother’s information. He went to Europe and racked up over $5,000 in charges. Eventually the bill made it to grandma and John Hruby turned his son into the authorities. Alan Hruby was given probation and ordered to pay restitution.

His parents continued to support him, but after even more financial transgressions, they recently told him they were cutting him off. That’s when he looked at insurance money as a new source of income. According to Alan Hruby owed a loanshark $3,ooo and saw killing his family as the only way out. He allegedly drove to the family’s home from Norman, where he lived in an OU dorm, in a Jeep his parents bought him, and shot his mother and sister first, then laid in wait for his father. He shot them all with a handgun he’d stolen from his father’s car earlier that day. Then the next day he drove to Dallas and got a room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for the Red River Rivalry.

Authorities are expected to file capital murder charges against Hruby, who was arrested two years ago for assaulting his mother, also over money.

So which young actor wants to scuff up his goody two-shoes by playing Alan Hruby? This tragic story sure looks like it could be a movie, pitched as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off meets In Cold Blood.