Show some love for your favorite superhero’s dead parent

You can buy a Spider-man shirt, a Spider-man hat, Spider-man toothbrush – I’m pretty sure you can buy Spider-man branded pepper spray. But where’s the merchandise for the man that started it all? Peter Parker wouldn’t be Spider-man without his beloved Uncle Ben, whose death really drove home the “with great power comes great responsibility” talking point for ol’ Spidey. Sadly, there’s still no Uncle Ben merch, but (artist and co-creator if the hit comic book series Sex Criminals) mocked up some t-shirts for Uncle Ben, and some of the other parents or parental figures that had to die for their children to be the heroes we love. . Hopefully some intrepid merchandiser will run with this idea, so I can wear a shirt celebrating the lifeless bodies of James and Lilly Potter or the headless remains of Jeremiah Pan. Oh you didn’t know Peter Pan’s dad died in a circular saw accident? Well he did.